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About this site

This site is currently for use by Greater Portland and Salem residential customers only that do not require an appointment (specific day or time). Please be sure your backflow prevention assembly is in an unblocked area and readily accessible. Commercial customers and residential customers with devices in secured areas should call 503-830-0171 or email us to receive a quote and scheduling information.

What you can expect

Simplicity and convenience!!! Shortly after your test is performed, you will receive an email with a PDF file containing your official test report. A copy will also be forwarded directly to your water supplier by PM Backflow. It usually takes about 1-2 weeks after receiving your online order to complete your backflow prevention test.

Why PM Backflow

Simply put, we offer the best value, most convenience, and a demonstrated high level of competence.  All PM Backflow testers are certified by the State of Oregon and the ABPA (a national association certification).  We provide computer generated reports directly to the email address you specify, often on the same day as the test is performed.  Most of our competitors are only certified by the state, still use handwritten reports which are often illegible to both the customer and their water supplier, and leave these at your door where anyone can see when you are not home.   Why pay more for less?